Chridtmas picture
Give the gift of a hamper and spread the Christmas cheer!
As we’ve all become accustomed to buying things as we see them throughout the year, and not waiting until special occasions to receive something we really want, it follows that when it comes to Christmas gifts, many of us simply don’t need anything.
Bottles of expensive perfume are purchased on a whim, champagne is bought for a Saturday night treat, a new sweater is added to the shopping basket without a second thought – so when you are looking to buy something really thoughtful as a Christmas gift it can be difficult to know exactly what the right present is – that thing they’ll use, wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves and will really enjoy.

The answer is to give the gift of a food hamper – it’s the one thing that seems to be appreciated by all of us. Who can resist a big wicker basket packed with treats and temptations; some they might never have tried and others that are already firm favourites. Christmas is the time of year when calorie counting is forgotten (after all, this is what New Year’s resolutions are for) so everyone can indulge a little and enjoy the gourmet delights delivered to their door.
At Hampers and Hampers, we deliver a wide range of Christmas hampers for most dietary needs; dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan, kosher, gluten-free and halal, so there’s always a something to suit. We’ve picked 5 Luxury Hampers to suit specific people in your life – making your Christmas shopping easier, and ensuring it’s a gift they’ll love.

1. A Gift for a Family

The perfect present for the whole family – don’t waste time finding separate gifts for mum, dad and the kids, simply treat them to one of our largest hampers, the Bumper Taste Sensation Christmas Hamper. It includes dried fruit, luxury chocolate buttons, Koska Turkish Delight and honey nougat bites all to be washed down with a bottle of Luscombe’s Cranberry Crush.

2. Be prepared for Unexpected Guests

When you like to treat your family to a few luxuries over the Christmas season, and want to have lots of snacks and treats on hand for when guests drop by over the holidays, don’t stress yourself with supermarket shopping at the busiest time of year. Our Family Sized Christmas Hamper is packed with everything you’ll need as you settle down for the night in front of the fire or TV, or when friendly neighbours pop in for a few drinks. Enjoy crisps, preserves, nuts, fruit juice, non-alcoholic wine, Turkish delight, biscuits – even tea with an infuser, perfect accompaniment to the Christmas fruit cake.

3. A treat for Grandma

She doesn’t want another cardigan – give grandma a Christmas gift she can really enjoy. Our Traditional English Afternoon Tea Hamper is ideal as she’ll love the real porcelain teapot to brew her choice of tea, the chocolate chip cookies, marmalade and even a London tea towel she’ll think is too nice to use!

4. The Sweetest Gift

Christmas is the time we are excused for over-indulging, so give the gift of our Sweet Tooth Hamper to someone who just loves chocolates and candies. Strawberry liquorice, peanut butter bars, seasonal chocolate covered cranberries and dark Belgian chocolate are just some of the delights you’ll find packed into this box. Be prepared to be the recipient’s jogging partner in January…

5. The Dairy-Free Hamper

We all know someone who is on a dairy-free diet, either through necessity or choice, so don’t let them spend their Christmas season feeling like they missing out. Our Dairy Free Chocolate Hamper will be a much-appreciated gift as they can enjoy peanut butter bars, Turkish delight, fruit and nuts, a luxury dried fruit selection and chocolate dippers to swirl into hot chocolate for the ultimate indulgence.